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"The term laid back is often used to describe a place or situation (i.e. a laid-back atmosphere) that is quiet and relaxed."

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Realm first Nefarian 25HCNefarian 25 (Heroic) kill video. Jobbe and Quip PoV.



Laid Back is an international 25man Horde raiding guild on Al'Akir-EU. We've been around for 8 years and counting, starting as an Alliance guild that raided Naxxramas in Vanilla WoW, we rerolled horde on Spinebreaker during TBC, and transferred to Al'Akir in MoP. Since most of us actually have lives, we only raid twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays 19-23h (server time). Our raid times are casual, but we're a hardcore raiding guild focused on efficiency, doing the max amount of (relevant) content in the least possible time spent.

To able to join you need to be over 18 years old and have at least 2 years of raiding experience. To apply fill out the form here.


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